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Feedback from YouTube

“I’m 61 and have been following you for years. What an inspiration you are!”


“Gilad is the one and only! Nobody ever made exercising so fun and easy as he did and still does”

La Hija - Argentina

“I have been working out with Gilad for 28 yrs! Thank you & God bless you”


“Gilad, the best at keeping us motivated to exercise and be healthy and fit, thank you so much Gilad, people think I’m 15 years younger, well even my son thinks I’m not over 40”


I use to work out to him when I was a teenager. His VHS tapes on the beach lol! I lived in a group home. I and the girls there would do this every day! I never forgot.


“Nice to reconnect with your workouts Gilad after over 20 years! You helped me lose the pounds after having three kids in less than two years! And I’ve never looked back! Exercise has been a part of my life since then and always will be!”