Why did you take the challenge?
I needed the accountability. I’ve lost almost 70 in the past 2 years and just seem to be stuck. I still have about 40 to go. The challenge was a great way to get this going again.

Were you excited to start the challenge? Did you remain motivated throughout?
Very excited to do the challenge. I had done a few dietbet challenges with Gilad and loved them. The group of challengers were fantastic and everyone was very encouraging and motivating. It would have been nice to have had more input from Gilad or those behind the challenge. But I understand how busy they can be.

Did you participate on the Ultimate Facebook page? Did it help? Tell us about your experience.
Yes, I did participate on the Ultimate Facebook Page. It’s a great community of support and encouragement.

Did you get the results you wanted? Was the process enjoyable? Was it hard for you? Tell us about your journey?
Yes, I lost 10 lbs, and 3 1/2 inches. I love doing the dvd and find the Eat Right Now plan very easy to follow and enjoyable. I gained a lot of strength and endurance along with more muscle tone.