Why did you take the challenge?
I took the challenge to lose weight and to gain energy and to feel better overall. I love working out with Gilad’s DVDs because they are fun and the workouts are realistic. I always see results whether it’s in weight loss or health-related. There are so many benefits.

Were you excited to start the challenge? Did you remain motivated throughout?
I was a bit nervous to commit but with a nudge from my little sister and a nudge from Gilad’s Facebook u challenge posts I decided to give it my best. I stayed motivated because I could feel results and the online community was a huge help. I felt as though my success was important to more than just myself. They are great cheerleaders!

Did you participate on the Ultimate Facebook page? Did it help? Tell us about your experience.
Yes. It is a very positive place and helps keep me motivated! I also love seeing the success of others and helping cheer them on. It’s nice to know we are in it together!

Did you get the results you wanted? Was the process enjoyable? Was it hard for you? Tell us about your journey.
I did get the results I wanted and at times it was more challenging than others but definitely worth it. On the beginning it was really hard since my activity level had been very low. But as I continued the journey, I could feel more energy day by day. I noticed I felt like going out more and playing with my kids. It also started changing the way I feel about my body. Not only losing weight but desiring to feel healthy and be healthy. Cleaner eating and exercise have made an enormous difference in my life. I plan to continue this path and make it a permanent lifestyle.