I’ve suffered from lower back pain most of my adult life and was unable to do much in the way of exercise until I had it corrected with surgery. Now fully recuperated, I decided it was time to get healthy. Gilad is an inspiring motivator that challenges you to be your best and teaches you that change is possible if you exercise regularly. His style was easy for me to adapt to as he doesn’t incorporate a lot of complex choreography. Kicking, punching, calisthenics and classical aerobics make up a large portion of his routines. I also love his Abs and Toning videos, they are easy to follow and produce results!

Today I’m nearly 49yrs old and in the best shape of my life thanks to better nutrition and Gilad in my living room every morning. I have included a photo from 2013, I was in my typical 225lb range and my pants ranged from 38-40 (I had even hit 42). In the last 8 months I’ve dropped my weight down to 180lbs and today I wear a size 32. And it’s not just weight loss, I have muscle tone! My arms and legs are have become sculpted and my waist line is shrinking. Again, thank you Gilad! I hope to see you in Hawaii at next year’s Fitness Adventure Camp! Brad