“I come from an overweight family.  My nickname in school was actually Fatalie…so, at 49, having kept my weight proportionate to height for a few years is something to embrace.  Am proud to model good habits to my children. Have tried different programs, but Gilad really nails it.

I had an at-risk triplet pregnancy which necessitated five months in bed/with three of these spent heavily medicated in a hospital bed.  I weighed in at 215 pounds. After pregnancy, I was at about 170 with greatly compromised muscle tone.  To reduce stress, I started exercising in the morning, and that is how I came to order a Gilad CD.  Never heard about him before.

I am turning 50 next May.  Have had a neck and knee surgery, and I like his workouts because he prioritizes safety.  Was married 21 years ago, and am happy to report that the gown is too big in the midsection!
I live in Michigan.  Despite the freezing winter temperatures, I can stay fit and can keep up with my children.  Thanks!

*The success stories depicted in this section are representative of these individuals only and do not represent all of our customers. For many exercisers results are only temporary.