I was overweight all my life and became very inspired as a child by Gilad from my mother who always worked out to Gilad’s videos in the living room. I saw Gilad as a huge inspiration of his ways making exercise fun! I worked out every single day starting from January 2015. It was my New Years Resolution and I stayed committed to my Goal. I would always keep track of my workouts by working out in the mornings at 6am everyday before school. I always had the passion to live a healthy lifestyle from seeing Gilad on TV while he films in Hawaii. The way Gilad kept a good pace with exercises. it wasn’t too slow or too fast but just right! I am so amazed with my results from loosing 90lbs! I can’t wait to explore the world with more fitness activities! And keeping my body in more shape. I would really love to meet Gilad one day, he is such a huge inspiration to me! I highly recommend Gilad to all those others who want a healthier life, especially going to recommend Gilad workouts to my future children. Gilad’s workouts are the best thing that ever happened to me!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!