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Please find the pictures attached,it’s from the fall of 2012,  When I had my physical that Dec I was almost 260lbs. For the after, I attached a pic with Gilad from this past Sunday. Right now I weigh 191 lbs, I have been down to 179 but folks told me I looked too skinny and unhealthy. Overall I went from a size 38 pants to, now, a size 32.

It was truly a pleasure finally being able to meet Gilad. Back in the late 80’s, when Bodies in Motion was on ESPN, my brother and I would tape the show everyday on VHS then work out that evening. Matter of fact, 25 years ago we sent my parents to Hawaii for their 25th wedding anniversary, my brother and I made them promise to stop by Gilad’s store, hoping he would be there and get us an autograph. Alas, they came back with shirts for us and a picture with Gilad’s sister who was at the store that day.

Then, eight years ago I had pneumonia that went misdiagnosed for 3 months, once confirmed I ended up on 180mgs of steroids from Nov through May, I simply swelled up from the steroids, in one month alone I gained 40lbs and once recovered, still suffering side effects, I just wasn’t motivated to get back in shape.

Then Feb of 2012 I was up early one morning, flicking channels and I came across Gilad and Bodies in Motion on Discovery Fit & Health and that was it, I started DVR’ing the show every day, which I continue to do, then I ordered a number of the DVD’s, from Amazon. It truly was the memory of working out to Gilad and Bodies in Motion all those years ago that motivated me, my daily workouts, and a change in my diet, eating whatever I want but learning to recognize when I was full and stop eating, has resulted in the after.

Please feel free to use the before and after pictures, and any of my testimonial. And please thank Gilad again for my wife and I, for this past Sunday, was a great class and truly an honor to meet him! If, for some reason, you would prefer an after pic not with Gilad, please let me know.
Thanks and best regards