How to reduce belly fat quickly at home

Though everyone seems familiar with the term belly fat, given how utterly stressful it can be to burn them, there are certain times you actually find yourself wondering what this obviously unwanted visitor really is! So in very simple terms, here it is; the belly fat is an excessive abdominal fat that surrounds the body and puffs the stomach.

Yes, you have to accept your body and yes, you have to embrace your size, the bitter truth is actually that belly fat is very dangerous to your health and the reason is not farfetched. It is because belly fat is the cause of diseases like; type 2 diabetes, heart disorder, metabolism diseases and cancer in aggravated situations. No, belly fat is not your friend and yes, you can get rid of it from your home!

Before we discuss the various ways, remedies and exercises that you could quickly do at home to reduce belly fat, we will make a list of the various causes of belly fat. Some of them include;

  • Regular intake of sugary food and beverage. Examples; cakes, candies, muffins etc;
  • Regular and high alcohol intake, yes, excess calories gotten from high alcohol intake are stored as belly fat;
  • Trans fat that have been used to extend the shelf life span of packaged food items;
  • Bad eating habits; eating late or binge eating;
  • Lack of activities like exercise, manual labor etc;
  • Low protein intake;
  • Low Fiber intake;
  • And lastly; stress. The stress hormone called “cortisol” increases the amount of fat that clings to the body.

Belly fat is also often referred to as “Visceral Fat” and these are some of its major causes. If you already have belly fat and you want to reduce it quickly at home, there are various methods that could help you as you seek to reduce belly fat. There are exercises and various correction methods which definitely includes your feeding lifestyle.

So, for the purpose of this article, we will discuss the remedies; the type of food and drinks that you must and must not take in order to reduce belly fat quickly at home. We will also make a list of the various exercises that you can do at home that will help reduce belly fat. First of all, let’s take a look at the various foods that you could take that can help in reducing your belly fat.

Foods that can facilitate belly fat reduction

It is needless to state how important food is to our body. Wrong diets have devastating effects on not only our physical health but even the mental health. This said, here are a few things you should avoid and a few things you should do when you are trying to lose belly fat:

  • Avoid Taking Sugary Foods and Beverages: Studies have shown that the consumption of added or refined sugar has a harmful effect on the human body. Added, liquid and refined sugar is made up of half glucose and half fructose. When there is a regular intake of added or refined sugar the liver is overloaded with fructose, and studies have shown that consumption of excess sugar which means more fructose can and will definitely lead to accumulated fat in the belly. The intake of sugary foods and beverages does not only cause belly fat, it also causes insulin resistance and a host of other dangerous metabolism diseases.

If you seek to reduce belly fat quickly at home, you must reduce drastically all intake of added, refined or liquid sugar. The intake of sugary sweetened fruit juice or other beverages have been reported to be the major cause of obesity in children. This clearly means that all intake of fruit juice, drinks and beverages that contain added sugar as sweetener should be reduced to the nearest minimum. If it is possible it is also advised that you totally stop consuming them as you seek to reduce belly fat.

To ensure that you reduce sugar intake, you have to endeavor to read labels of drinks and foods before consumption. This will enable you to know which particular food or drink contains added sugar, and also ensures that you do not consume unknowingly.

  • Intake of large protein foods: Studies have also shown that the intake of protein reduces about 60% of craving for sugary foods and drinks, it also boost metabolism about 80-100 calories per day and it could also help you reduce 441 fewer calorie intakes each day. This surely is one of the quickest ways to reduce belly fat at home; you must regularly take enough protein. I should mention that one reason why protein intake is effective in reducing belly fat is because studies have revealed that the amount of protein you consume regularly is proportional or in relation to the amount of fat that will be accumulated on your belly. What this study truly reveals is that for each protein containing food you eat, the lesser the fat on your belly.

A particular study was contacted in Denmark and this study unsurprisingly revealed that people who regularly consume protein have significantly less risk of gaining belly fat for a period of five years. If you truly seek to reduce belly fat, then you must regularly consume foods that contain protein, you can find a healthy dose of protein in foods like eggs, fishes, seafood, legumes, meat, nuts etc. If you are a vegetarian and you seek to lose belly fat, then you must consume enough vegetables and other vegan foods.

  • Eat Foods containing Fiber: Although it is true that intake of fiber can reduce belly fat, there are different type of fibers which perform different functions. To reduce belly fat, Viscous Fiber is to be consumed regularly. There are several studies that have been conducted to show that regular Viscous Fiber intake will help you reduce belly fat.

A study was conducted to reveal that intake of 14 milligram of fiber every day will lead to a 10% decrease in calories intake and it will also result to a reduction of belly fat and weight of about 2.5kg over the period of 4 months. In another study conducted; it was revealed that intake of about 10 milligram of Viscous Fiber every day will lead to a 3.7% decrease in the amount of fat found at the abdomen.

These studies have all shown that the regular consumption of fiber will and has been proven to reduce belly fat. The best way to get fiber to consume is through; vegetables, legumes and plants. One major fiber dietary plant that has proved effective in the reduction of belly fat is “Glucomannan”.

  • Coconut Oil Intake:  Although this contains fat, this oil has proven to be one of the most effective ways to reduce belly fat quickly. Coconut oil contains fatty acid that helps to improve or boost metabolism which in turn helps burn belly fat.

To further prove that coconut oil is effective in reducing belly fat, a study was conducted using 20 randomly selected women. 10 of these women were given two teaspoons of coconut oil to take each day for a month while the other 10 women were also given two teaspoons of soybean oil each day for one month too. After one month, it was noticed that women who took soybean oil did not experience weight loss, while the other women who took coconut oil witnessed tremendous reduction on the accumulated fat on the belly. This shows that the intake of coconut oil cannot be overemphasized if you seek to reduce belly fat. To get the best out of coconut oil, it is advised that it should not be taken with any other oil; it should replace all other oils at home.

  • Regular Water Intake: it is advised to drink at least eight glasses of water every single day. Yes, I know you are wondering why water is that important, well, apart from the benefits water stands to give your skin, water intake helps digestion, reduces bloating, and also it helps your body’s metabolism.

If you have the urge to take sugary beverages, then you need to take more water as this will help reduce your regular consumption of sugary drinks (which are so not helpful by the way). You can also add a splash of lemon or lime to your water as this will encourage you to consume more water.


Over the years this has been one of the proven, oldest and most effective ways to reduce belly fat. When we mean exercise, we do not mean rigorous drills that will leave you in tears or severe aches afterwards, we definitely do not mean crunches as studies have shown that 6 weeks intense crunches practiced by a group of people did not show any positive sign in the reduction of belly fat. We mean that there are tons of other exercises that you could do that will definitely help you reduce belly fat.

Some of these exercises include:

  • Walking: majority of people who desire to reduce belly fat most times underestimate this exercise. Research has shown that walking is one of the best ways to reduce belly fat. What should you do? Along with following a healthy diet, that is regular intake of foods containing Viscous Fiber and Protein, you have to take at least 30-45 minutes’ walk every 3 days. This consistent walk helps increase your metabolism and heart rate. An increased metabolism will help burn calories at a faster rate, helping to eliminate any stored belly fat.
  • Similar to walking, running has also proven to be another form of exercise that will help reduce belly fat. Running helps to boost metabolism and also the heart rate.
  • Studies show that jogging has proven to be effective in reducing belly fat. It is useful for fighting obesity and helps you stay fit.
  • Swimming could also help reduce belly fat. When swimming you need to choose strokes that are up-tempo and a tad strenuous as it will help you burn calories.

It is very important that while seeking for ways to reduce belly fat, you do not stick with a particular exercise routine. So one in a while you can try out different exercises, has many work out routines that would sure help you on this journey.

And finally, the remedies! There are certain remedies that you could take that will help reduce belly fat quickly. Some of these natural home remedies include:

  1. Diuretic taraxacum or dandelion: this is an herb that makes you pass out more urine. This herb is good because it flushes out toxins and extra water from your belly. How can you take this herb? Add one teaspoon of dandelion herb into a cup of boiling water, allow it boil for about 10 minutes. Squeeze the leaf and you could add a teaspoon or two of honey. Your dandelion tea is good to drink.
  2. Cranberry Juice: this has proven to be effective in the reduction of belly fat over the years. What does it do? Cranberry juice contains organic acids that help to emulsify the effect of fat deposits in the body especially the fat on the belly. To drink cranberry juice, mix 100% cranberry juice with two cups of water before drinking. It is best taken before each meal.
  3. Green Tea: Green tea helps to boost metabolism, this metabolism in turn helps burn belly fat. You can drink green tea by mixing the tea bag in a boiling cup of water; allow it to boil for about 6-10 minutes. It is also advised to drink Green tea before each meal.
  4. Hot pepper: this is good for belly fat loss, because it also boosts metabolism which in turn help your body to burn fat. Hot pepper contains “capsaicin” which helps to boost heat production. This heat production results to the burning of calories. Hot pepper can be eaten raw or cooked. Studies have revealed that “Habanero” pepper contains enough capsaicin to boost heat production.
  5. Curcumin Supplement has also proven to be one way to reduce belly fat. This supplement usually extracted from turmeric; is an anti inflammatory extract. Curcumin helps boost metabolism, and it can be added to any recipe you choose. It has been proven to aid in burning fat.

To reduce belly fat, these are some of the steps you can take. These remedies, exercise and foods have all been proven to drastically help reduce belly fat. One major advantage of these remedies and foods is that all can be done in your home. You can decide to jog, run or walk around your neighborhood and you will still lose belly fat once you are dedicated.

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