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Thursday, June 1st.

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Alright, all you fitness warriors out there, it’s time to get your game faces on for Gilad’s 21-Day Fitness Challenge – the ultimate sweat-inducing experience that lasts for 21 days straight! Can you handle it?

But don’t worry, folks, you don’t have to do it alone. You can either brave the challenge solo, or you can join our Facebook Support Group (link below) and team up with other fitness fanatics for some much-needed motivation and support. It’s like having your own personal cheering squad, minus the pom-poms.

And that’s not all, my friends! Each month, we’ve got a brand new challenge for you to sink your teeth into. And all of the workouts come straight from the man himself, Gilad. So not only do you get a fresh new routine each month, but you also get to mix things up with different workouts every time. It’s like a box of chocolates, but for fitness.

This month’s challenge is the Gilad’s 21-Day Fat Burning and Toning Blast Challenge! These workouts are unique in the sense that they work your entire body . This challenge focuses on burning calories and toning your body.   We’ve got some suggested workouts to get you started, but if you’re feeling adventurous, you can create your own routine. Just make sure it’s a good one, or Gilad might come after you!

And here’s the cherry on top – all of these workouts are available for instant download at a discounted price. So you can keep them forever and ever, and never have to worry about missing a workout again. Unless, of course, you want to miss a workout. In which case, we won’t judge you.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to kick those excuses to the curb and get serious about your fitness goals. Join us on this epic fitness journey, and let’s make some gains!

Here is the schedule:



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