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Boot Camp Workouts

The ultimate in military conditioning for men and women

Level: All Levels

Price: $29.95 


These 2 military style workouts will whip you into fighting shape FAST and KEEP YOU THERE! Gilad will take you through a great cardio workout on an US aircraft carrier and Ada (Gilad’s Sister) will lead you through a challenging cardio and strength training workout on an army base.

 This is what you get

Elite Forces with Gilad was taped live in Pearl Harbor on board a Navy air craft carrier the USS Bonhomme Richard. The legendary USS Missouri and the Arizona Memorial can be seen in the background.   Gilad shows you how to burn off calories and build strength and stamina in this ambitious workout. The workout team consists of elite Navy Seals, military personnel and a few of our regulars.  Gilad comes by it honestly.  He was an officer in charge of fitness during his military service.

Retail $19.95

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Basic Training The Workout with ADA.  Gilad is not the only military trainer in the family.  Ada (Gilad’s sister) was also in the military. As a sergeant she was in charge of cadet fitness programs in Military Officers School.  Join her in this challenging cardio and strength training session guaranteed to work your muscles from head to toe! This workout takes place at Wheeler Army  base with Black Hawk helicopters in the background.Retail Price: $ 14.95

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